Taisto Guitars / V25-ET / High Gloss Red-Black / Guitar For Sale


- Right handed guitar with Evertune bridge
- Keeps you guitar automatically in tune and still allows string bending
- High Gloss Dark Red-black
- Weight ~3.4-3.5kg
- Scale 25” (635mm)
- 24 stainless steel, jumbo size frets with hidden fret ends
- 2-Way truss rod
- Ebony fretboard with 10-16” compound radius
- Neck width at nut 43.0mm
- C-Profile neck with 1st fret thickness 21mm
- Custom flower-dot MOP inlays and white side dots
- Nut made of Moose bone
- Guitar top arched shape with HOOCUT-cutaway for very easy access to high frets
- Body top curly maple
- Ebony headstock top
- Woods for neck and body are mahogany with maple veneers
- Neck tru neck-body structure
- Slim body outline thickness
- Pickups direct mounted
- Chrome hardware color
- Strap locks by Schaller
- Evertune F-Model 6-string
- Schaller M6 Mini Top Locking
- Dome control knobs
- 2 knob plus 3-way toggle switch control layout with split coil in tone knob
- Nailbomb open coil humbucker set by Bare Knuckle Pickups
- Strings NYXL Gauge 0.010, 0.013, 0.017, 0,026, 0.036, 0.046
- Hiscox hardcase
- Accessories: Toolbox, picks, cloth, oil, documentation, pictures, strap locks

Examples about free add-on options
- Color options
- Cutaway options
- Fret size options
- Neck thickness and profile options
- 14 different dot inlay options
- Nut material options
- Control layout options
- Tuner options
- Other bridge options

Examples about add-on priced options
- Hardware color
- Booster preamp to knob
- Wood options
- Neck enforcement with carbon rods
- Pickup options
- Custom pickup cover options
- Special body shape options
- Personalization carvings
- Custom inlay options
- Finish options

Taisto Guitars, Finland  

Contact name:
Taisto Heinonen
Taisto Guitars
English, Finnish
Custom guitars, Electronics
Opening hours:

We make customized guitars with made-to-order concept. We use latest technology and tools which are used to reach accurate and repeatable end results in our building process. 

We use computer aided design and manufacturing tools always when applicable. Handcrafting is used in important finishing phases. 

 We have wide range of customization options for guitars and we have also electronics products for guitars. Taisto Guitars are designed and made in Lempäälä, Finland

Payment via bank transfer, paypal

Check our order process from our web site


Shipping methods agreed with customer.

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