Tc Electronic / 2290 + 0144 / 1980's / Black / Effect

The TC Electronic 2290 Digital Delay had one of the longest production runs of any rack-mounted effect. When introduced in 1985, it was revolutionary- featuring a 32 second delay time, modulation functions and fantastic signal quality. It has long been an industry standard in professional studios and live effects rigs.

Features: delay, sampling, looping, phaser, flanger and compressor functionality, 5 effects loops.

With Serial Remote Controller tc electronic 0144

Instrument sold

Musikhuset Odense, Denmark  

Contact name:
Claus Vang
Danish, English
Stringed and fretted instruments
Opening hours:
tuesday - friday 10.00-17.30, saturday 10.00-14.00

 In these times with a lot of trade moving to the e-comerce, I am moving in the opposite direction. I do not believe that a musical instrument is something you should buy before having it in your hands, to see and feel the chemistry between the instrument and one self.



Musikhuset Odense is owned by Claus Vang, best known in folk Music circles. He plays the Violin, Mandolin and bass guitar.His role is primarily customer service, product ordering and book keeping. He is originally trained in business.


I am passionated music man - who cannot help but do what I believe is important for the music life in Odense, which is to supply and service musical instruments, in Denmark's third largest city. - and of course the rest of the world.

Besides the first class workshop I have a well stocked shop with emphasis on accoustic instruments, but also with some interesting electric guitars and basses.

Whatever instrument you play, we also have a large selection of accessories and spares : from strings, bows and colofon through oils, dampers and cases, to drum skins, sticks and percussion.

I have the lot.

Come and pay a visit. You won't be dissapointed.


Skibhusvej 66,


DK 5000 Odense C.


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