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Tycobrahe / Octavia S/n 2200 As Used By Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan / 1970's / Effect For Sale

Tycobrahe Octavia Octave Fuzz s/n 2200 mid 70's as used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Very rare Tycobrahe Octavia Octave Fuzz s/n 2200 mid 70's USA with original box, guarantee card including user's manual. 100 % original and in full working order.

This item will be sold with full provenance, since the history has a fully backed paper trail. We have bought this item from the first owner which we will call Mr X, but his real name is blanked on the invoice dated back to 1978. On our side we have a bank receipt of the sale of the Octavia paid to Mr X.

The sticker on the left side of the Octavia reads that the Octavia was sold through a guitar store based in the Bruynstraat 83, Rotterdam, called " Saris ".
The Saris invoice is paid by Mr X, but his real name has been blanked out.

Quoted from Tonereport :

" The whole octave doubling kit and kaboodle starts with Jimi Hendrix and his pedal guru, Roger Mayer. Legend has it that after a gig in California, Jimi dropped off a broken “Octavio” (apparently this was Jimi’s jive-talk take on Roger’s intended Octavia) for repair at Tycobrahe Sound Company and the wedge-shaped pedal was never seen again. However, according to Roger Mayer, the pedal Tycobrahe cloned (or “inaccurately copied” as he puts it) was a 24-volt, 1969 variant of Octavia that was owned by Keith Relf, singer of The Yardbirds. In any case, after Jimi’s untimely passing in 1970, Tycobrahe launched a line of effects pedals that included a suspiciously similar octave fuzz unit, also called the Octavia. Confused yet? Well at least one thing is certain: the Tycobrahe Octavia is one of the most sought after octave fuzzes out there."

Quoted from Wikipedia :

" The Octavia was an effects pedal designed for Jimi Hendrix by his sound technician, Roger Mayer. It reproduces the input signal from a guitar one octave higher in pitch, and mixes it with the original and added distortion fuzz.


A song played with an octavia and a tube distortion pedal.
The Octavia consisted of an analog electronic circuit, which included a frequency doubler, envelope generator and amplitude modulator, together with additional frequency-shaping filter circuitry.The effect generated varied depending on use. For example, a clean tone from an electric guitar produced ring modulated overtones (as heard on the guitar solo in "Who Knows" by Jimi Hendrix.)


The effect was used by Jimi Hendrix, and can be heard in guitar solos on the song "Purple Haze". Hendrix preferred to call the device the “Octavio”, and it is often referred to as such.
After Hendrix's death in 1970 one of the original Octavias became the basis for the redesigned "Octavia (TM)", manufactured by Tycobrahe Sound Company in Hermosa Beach, California, during the mid-1970s. A limited number of the devices were produced. Stevie Ray Vaughan owned nine of these devices."

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