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Vivitone / Acoutsti-Guitar / 1935 / Guitar

A rare example of the Acousti-Guitar from The Vivi Tone Company founded by Lloyd Loar after leaving Gibson. There's nicks and scratches but it is crack free both top and  back both of which act as soundboards in this radical design complete with  elevated fingerboard and adjustable bridge.

There is a solidly repaired  heel crack which poses no threat. The guitar plays just fine and has a unique sound which is perfect for cowboy songs and many other applications. Sound really great playing Django music. Original (except for one) tuning pegs. Art deco  headstock and  tailpiece. Serial number  383 and there is an additional  label which guarantees an upgrade to the more expensive Acousti-lectric model. It is unusual to find one of these guitars in this nice condition. No case.

Price: $3895.00 approx.€2895.00

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Company History and Philosophy

Hello. I'm Banana (aka / Lowell Levinger) the proprietor of Players Vintage Instruments. Players Vintage Instruments is the logical evolution of my instrument collection. I started collecting vintage instruments in the 60's and finally decided it would be more fun to share them with other players instead of keeping them to myself.
The ultimate collectors piece is not my personal cup of tea. Instruments are made to be played. An instrument that is old and rare and in absolutely mint condition will instantly become less valuable if it is taken to a gig and 'suffers' pick wear or gets a belt buckle scratch on its back. So that instrument (if it is to keep its 'value') is essentially no more musically useful than a painting or a sculpture. Now, paintings and sculptures are certainly useful, wonderful and precious. They are a source of great delight and inspiration. But instruments are that and much more. They are a source of music and we all know what charms music hath. (Soothing savages and such) I will continue to seek out great instruments for players as well as collectors and make them available.


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