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Vox / AC30 / 1962 / Black / Amp For Sale

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Vox Ac30 1962 Black
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I'm selling my Vox AC30. It was made in 1962/3 (speaker codes are June '63 but the cabinet would suggest '62 - the back corners are square.) Original blue speakers. Serial number on cabinet is 5569N. When I got it over 20 years ago I made the Vox add-on treble boost unit, which adds a preamp valve and treble and bass controls. This is the circuit that Vox would retro fit at the factory to the amps made before it was integrated into the grey panel amps in about 1965. It increases the gain quite a bit. When I fitted this I made a new plywood back panel to go around the treble boost panel and kept the original panel, complete with serial no. (5569). I also replaced most of the resistors and capacitors to original specs. Preamp valves are all Mullard, and EL84 power valves are Harma from Watford Valves. The rectifier is a Brimar GZ34. This was originally a fawn covered amp but someone has painted it black and put the VOX logo back on the other side at some point in its life. The original handles would have been leather strap handles. At some point these were replaced with the Vox plastic handles and now it has rubber covered strap handles - not too pretty but they do the job. It comes with a strong nylon cover.

I have gigged extensively with this amp over the last 20 years. It sounds utterly wonderful and is loud. It’s too heavy for me to want to be lugging around these days and I’m also building some of my own amps and cabs so the Vox needs a new home.
I'm reluctant to ship this so collection is preferred. You are welcome to come and have a test drive in Lincoln. If you are not able to collect, contact me and we can arrange something. You are welcome to organise your own shipping.
The video shows me playing throught the amp at a gig.


A J Lucas Luthier, UK  

Contact name:
Adrian Lucas
A J Lucas Guitars
Hand made guitars: Steel string acoustic, electric guitar and basses, classical, mandolins.
Opening hours:
By appointment

I believe passionately in the connection between player and instrument. The guitar should not be a barrier between the musician and their music and so I builds tactile guitars that one can feel a visceral connection with. As much as possible I use reclaimed and local woods without compromising the quality of the instruments. I was originally trained in architecture and my work is informed by a sense of form and structure.

I build mainly steel string flat-top, electric and classical guitars to my own designs but also make mandolin family instruments and ukuleles.

All A.J.Lucas instruments are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser of the instrument for as long as he or she owns it during my lifetime.If at any time an A.J. Lucas guitar malfunctions as a result of faulty materials or workmanship, I will repair or replace the instrument at my sole option. 
The following conditions are specifically excluded from and may void the guarantee:•Any unauthorized modifications or alterations made to the guitar. •Any damage caused by misuse, negligence, accident, improper use or unauthorized repair. •Damage caused by extremes of temperature or humidity. •Normal wear and tear, tonal characteristics, worn frets, worn tuning machines, or finish damage caused by extreme cold or contact with plastics or solvents. •Electronic components and hardware carry the warranties of their respective manufacturers.

Payment must be cleared before the instrument can be delivered.

Shipping and associated insurance will be at the buyers expense.


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