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Vox / AC30 Treble Boost Super Twin / 1966 / Black / Amp For Sale

1966 Vox AC30 Treble Boost Super Twin. Made in UK, serial number 05563TB. This amp was apparently found in a movie theater that used to host dancing nights in the 60s and it was - and still is - rather unused. It's all original except for the tubes. The original egg footswitch is missing the bottom lid, the label from the one of the original grey bulldog Celestion alnico speakers also fell off at one point. The previous owner swapped the speaker cable, speaker input and amp feet (the originals come with the amp). He also removed the original swivel mounts for the Vox trolley and professionally patched the screw holes with matching tolex (the original swivel mounts come with the amp). The chassis number reads AC30/6 SERNo 14542. Has all original Woden transformers, all dating to 1966. Looks all around great and we believe you already know we don't need to comment how it sounds. 

We prefer to not ship this amp, however arrangements could be made upon inquiries.

Yeahman's Guitars, Switzerland  

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Fender, Squier JV, Gibson, Epiphone, Orville, Tokai, Burny, Greco, Rickenbacker, Maxon, Ibanez, Jen, Ampeg, Marshall, Sound City, Hiwatt and many more
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A small shop in Switzerland selling vintage and used electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amplifiers and assorted effect pedals. 

Here you will mostly find selected instruments of the following brands: Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Epiphone, Gretsch, Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, Guild, Greco, Tokai, Squier JV, Burny, Maxon, Ibanez, Orville and many more.

As for now, there are no fixed opening hours, instruments can be tried out and picked up by appointment only. If you happen to be in the area or would like to travel to come check an instrument out, please don't hesitate to write. Yeahman's is open to anybody who shares our passion!

Our showroom is located at Turnweg 2, 3013 Bern, Switzerland. It's a hidden entrance, so please don't ring random doorbells, instead call for questions and appointments during business hours (9am to 5pm CET). +41793088915. If you are from out of town and are on a tight schedule / in an out of town band playing a show here and/or would like to visit on short notice and/or well outside business hours, feel free to contact us - it wouldn't be the first time we show people around well after midnight. 

Our preferred method of payment is bank wire transfer or cash. Please get in touch for our bank account details, once you place an order through e-mail we'll hold the item for you and take it offline. 

Please note that we do not ship amplifiers, they are available for local pickup only!


Please refer to our terms & conditions on .

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