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This is the Rogitar. So christened by its owner, Glenn Rogers.

Glenn originally called to ask if I would attempt a version of the Shakti guitar – a modified Gibson with 7 diagonal harp strings built by Abe Wechter for John McLaughlin in the 1970s.

Over a few emails and phone calls the idea evolved to include a pair of chikari strings, running from the inside of the venetian cutaway to the tail of the body, plus 12 internal sympathetics. The idea of internal sympathetics is not new, and much is owed to the work of Fred Carlson – www.beyondthetrees.com and his generous sharing of his own building experiences. The guitar also has a deeply scalloped fingerboard and a rear access panel to tune the sympathetic strings. The sympathetics feed through the top of the bridge, over a jawari (on the inside of the top), and through the neck in a carbon fibre channel under the fretboard . The string pressure alone holds the jawari in place as it needs to removable for adjustment on occasion. The jawari gives the guitar its sitar voice, depending on the key the player is in and the tuning of the sympathetics.

The diagonals feed through the treble side of the lower bout and pass under the six main strings to a second head on the bass side shoulder. A pair of carbon fibre bars running from the block that anchors the string ends to the second head block, and free of the top of the guitar takes care of the compression from the diagonal strings leaving the top bracing to contend with the usual six strings.

Both necks are fully removable by allen key via the rear access panel.

The back and sides are Indian Rosewood, top master grade Sitka Spruce. The necks and internal blocks are Mahogany. Fingerboard and bridge are ebony. Check the photos and you’ll see the fingerboard is also deeply scalloped – this assists in the heavy bending of notes common to Indian influenced music – it also is fretted in stainless steel. The guitar has a spalted rosette of an unknown timber. It was piece of firewood that just looked too interesting to burn!

Tuners for the diagonals are Waverley banjo inline planetary tuners with ivoroid knobs. The 18 tuners on the main head are Schertlers with ebony buttons. The 2 chickari strings are attached by zither pins and are tunable by wrench. This decision was more informed by Glenn’s playing style as he plays mainly in a sitting position on the floor.

Glenn has tried various string combinations, lately settling on 10 – 47 with an unwound G. The sympathetic strings are 4 x .008s, .009, .010.

For further and up to date musings, along with info on Glenn other varied musical pursuits and CDs, go to www.glennrogers.net

The listing here is shown for showcase purpose only. Not for sale. Previously built for customer.

If you have an interest in my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Instrument sold

Worthy Guitars, Australia  

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David Worthy
Worthy Guitars
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david@worthyguitars.com - (+61) 3 5968 9986

Tucked away behind the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne, I build a number of different guitars with a focus on custom orders.

All guitars feature solid timbers with timber bindings, quality machine heads and attention to the fine detail expected from a custom instrument. Wherever possible I encourage customers to have input into the appointments of their guitar to ensure their instrument is truly unique.

Over the years I have developed a few signature models such as the “Talisman” (a small jumbo) with the option of venetian or florentine cutaways ; a 12 fret 00 style – “Vintage” and the “Sunbeam” - a cutaway 12 fret. Vintage and Sunbeams are also available as 14 fret instruments. Many of the other custom orders are featured on this site, and as new guitars are completed they too will be featured.

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