Wounded Paw / Blender V3 - Parallel Effects Loops / 2011 / Effect

Formerly named the Super Blender.

The Blender V3 is a parallel effects loop blender with 3 individually selectable, fully buffered effects loops plus a clean channel with tone controls. 
The instrument signal is split into 4 channels, sent to the 3 effects loops and the clean channel and then mixed back together. 
Each effect loop can be switched on and off individually via their respective footswitches while the clean channel is on automatically when the main bypass footswitch is turned on.  But the Blender V3 has a new trick, the Clean > A toggle switch.  Flip this toggle up to send the clean channel to Effects Loop A.  The footswitch and Volume for Effects Loop A will now control the clean channel instead.
Effects Loop B has a feedback control which sends the return signal from the effect back to its send for interesting results.

There is also a switch to change channels B and C into a series configuration where the return from effects loop B is sent to the send of effects loop C.

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