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ZCAT Pedals / Cat Auto-Wah / 2000's / Effect For Sale


ZCAT Pedals Cat Auto-Wah for sale. 

This Pedal is an envelope filter that produces an Auto-Wah effect that is interactive with the play dynamics. It has three knobs Sensivity, Range and Attack. With Sensivity knob you can adjust the effect response to the dynamic of the input signal, Range knob allows you to adjust the depth of the Wah effect and with Attack knob you can set the response time of the effect.


controls: Sensivity, Range and Attack
True Bypass switch
can be powered with 9V battery or 9V DC power supply (standard "Boss" type, negative tip)
die cast aluminium enclosure
Technical Specifications:

Input Impedance: 1M ohms
Output Impedance: 2K ohms
Recommended Load Impedance: 10k ohms or greater
Current Draw: 20-25 mA (DC 9V)
Power supply: 9V DC, negative tip, standard "boss" type (not included)
Dimensions (mm): 72 (W) x 111 (D) x 50 (H)
Weight: 290 g

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Soren Andersen
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By appointment.

Welcome to the official V&R shop for guitarplayer and producer, Soren Andersen. (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Marco Mendoza) Co-studio owner at Medley Studios in Copenhagen Denmark. 



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