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Don´t get fooled by the shiny Gold hardware, the sparkling Gold-Hologram pinstripe and the brave appeal!
This is a BEAST!

Under the hood of the Gold plated pickups covers you will find a set of Kammerstein Z2 Humbuckers.
Those Humbuckers are really hot.
But that does not mean that this Chronos only is for heavy notes.
I have installed coil-split on both humbuckers offering wonderful percussive and crisp notes, too.

If you need versatility - if you love sustain - if you are into guitars that have character - if you love to play a guitar that you won´t find at every corner - you really should take a closer look :)

I unveiled my new Zerberus-Guitars Chronos models at the Namm show 2017. The new Chronos guitars with their tops made of real Marble and GEMSTONE got a lot of interests by the media and also by customers who visited our booth to check out that unique guitars. We were honored to present our Guitars at the Media-Preview-Day at the NAMM Show. What you see here is Chronos Onyx Fantastico #002.
The top of this unique specimen is made of 0.2" genuine Onyx Fantastico Red Light - no airbrush or wood - real stone!
The body is a chambered light Mahogany body (with a Gold hologram pinstripe) and the neck is a hard Maple neck with Ebony stripes and Rosewood fretboard with 25.5" scale. I have equipped the Chronos with Ratio Locking tuners and a Black Tusq nut by GraphTech. Amazing precision there at GraphTech :) The pickups are a set of Kammerstein Z2 humbuckers with Gold covers. Each of them separately can be split into single-coil by pulling the potentiometers. That makes the Chronos a very versatile guitar that is perfect for a really wide range of styles. he Marble stone top offers a very distinctive character with awesome sustain and makes every Chronos absolutely unique, second to none and unforgeable. The Chronos comes including a very good Zerberus hard case and certificate.
The weight of the Chronos is only around 8lb what means that this guitar is not heavier than a standard solid-body wood guitar.

People often ask me: what does the stone for the sound?
Does this guitar sound totally different?

First of all: No, it does not sound totally different.
You don´t want a guitar that sounds like a saxophone, a synthesizer. or a bullfrog, or one that sounds sterile and cold.
And here is the good news: The Chronos still has a lot of soul, character and warmth. It does not sound totally different. The stone just ads some extra sustain and harmonic resonances. It surely is different to a standard guitar, but it is different in a very good way.

Stone and wood have a completely different micro structure.

On a wood top the sound waves move along the wood grain much stronger than to the side.

On a stone top the sound waves spread much more even in all directions making the whole top resonate with a long and even sustain.

This is because stone has a dense molecular crystal grid structure while wood has an open cell structure.

Mounting the bridge directly on the stone top with the strings going thru the Mahogany body allows a very strong attack and continuous and even sustain.

Another point is the resonance-frequency.

Every material physically has a resonance frequency.

On wood that frequency is in range of the tonal spectrum of a guitar.

This fact causes dead spots in the range where you hit a note that is identical with the resonance frequency of the wood (or the guitar as construction).

The resonance frequency of stone is in areas of 100.000 hertz.

Way apart from any frequencies that a guitar could (or should) produce and way apart from anything you can hear.

The body and neck being made of wood still has the resonance frequency in range of the guitar´s tonal spectrum, but being the most important part that resonates, the stone top shifts the resonance frequency miles away from the tonal spectrum of a guitar.

Another interesting point is the weight and density of the stone top.

Even with their chambered bodies and stone tops, they aren’t prone to feedback.

Another great benefit of the stone top is the fact that it is much more scratch and damage resistant than a wooden top.

Sustain and sustainability: Often rare and exotic lumber is used for the tops of standard electric guitars.

Those tops have to be dyed and painted to give them nice colors and appeal.

Stone as a material is completely different.

There is a whole universe of colors and structures waiting to become a top on a gorgonized guitar.

No need to cut down exotic forests to make a beautiful top.

And a very important point is the fact that every gorgonized guitar with stone top is absolutely unique like a fingerprint.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be at your service.

Zerberus Guitars, Germany  

Contact name:
Frank Scheucher
Zerberus Guitars
English, German
Hand Made Guitars
Opening hours:
By appointment

All custom guitars are completely made by only one luthier - ME.

Zerberus-Guitars is some kind of a One-Man-Show and it´s only me in the workshop.

I do all the works - drive arround to find amazing long time stored lumber - saw out the bodies and necks -shape that all by hand without using CNC machines - equipp the hardware - install the electronis - paint the guitars and so on......I also take the photos and make the website.

No step of my work is done by someone else.

That makes the guitars very unique.

Building such a handmade unique specimen takes at least 6 months.

For making my custom guitars, I don´t use computer controled CNC-machines.

I do all the routings and carvings by hand and so I am not restricted to any standard designs.

I come from a very musical family.

My grandfather played trumpet in a band and my father is a professional rock´n roll guitarist in my region.

On the other hand my ancestors have been very skilled craftsmen who worked as makers of wood cartweels (Grand-grandfather) and wood barrels (Grandfather).

My father does not have a hand for woodworking :)

But he is a lifetime Rock guitarist.

So in my person the two rows come together being a rock guitarist that also loves woodworking :)

I have inherited some woodworking tools from my grand-grandfather that I still use when building my handcrafted custom guitars.

When I was 14, I have built my first guitar with the help of an old luthier.

Later in 1992 I had my own design company and I specialised in guitar design (have played in several bands this time).

Later in 2002 I founded my very own guitar company Zerberus-Guitars and fullfiled one of my biggest childhood dreams with that.

Is it your dream to own an instrument that is the only one of its kind on the planet, as individual as you - the owner, an instrument that is lovingly handcrafted, using selected timbers and the finest hardware, to satisfy your very own aesthetics, needs and personal preferences?

In my Custom Shop, I specialize in carefully hand-building the kinds of guitars and basses that reflect the DNA of their players. I do not employ CNC-machines which mechanically churn out half-finished guitar bodies every few minutes. By contrast, all carving, assembly and finishing is performed by one skilled craftsman, so that my guitars can not be clones of any models made previously.

Each instrument leaving my Custom Shop is a unique specimen.  And not being restricted to proprietary designs, I am able to develop very individual guitars and basses in response to the originality and inspiration of our clients.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.



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