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I built this unique Triton from scratch in my custom shop in Germany.
No CNC machine churned out the body or neck in a few minutes.
This guitar is being built the old fashioned way by hand and it will forever remain a unique specimen and artwork.
I started this project in 2015 but I never found the time to finish that Triton guitar. June 2017 I finally finished all the work and there it is: This is a completely hand crafted custom shop guitar build by my humble person. I think this is the most versatile guitar I EVER built. It’s got two Kammerstein Quadrail humbuckers that can be split into singlecoil separately by Push-Pull-Potentiometers. Moreover I have installed a Schaller 3D piezo bridge and a Fishman Isys+ piezo preamp.
With the little toggle switch you can choose: Humbuckers / Both / Piezo. I did not only want a simple piezo option. That´s why I installed the Fishman. That preamp gives you total control over the piezo sound. And it has an integrated tuner. Beside that the Triton has illuminated side dots that can be switched Green / Off / Red. Cool to have on a dark stage. The body is made of two pieces Tiger wood. The neck is made of stripes of Birds-Eye-Maple; Black Wenge, German Oak and Purple Heart. The fretboard is made of Louro Faia (Pearlwood). Scale is 25.5 and Radius is 16". I have used Sintoms frets and installed a mixed fret system (1-12 = 2.8mm / 13-24 = 2.3mm).
The knobs have real Onyx Boca Del Rio caps. The tuners are Ratio Locking tuners made by Graph Tech. I applied the clear coat in very thin layers. After all the hard work and time, I am very pleased to show you this unique custom shop instrument.
As I mentioned before - this beauty is incredibly versatile. Of course the Triton comes in a good Zerberus hard case and with certificate. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me and I will be at your service.

USA: I will ship by UPS with full insurance.
Germany: Will ship by DHL with full insurance
European union: Will ship either with UPS or DHL with full insurance
Everywhere else: Please contact me for shipping details and I will see if I can offer free shipment.

This guitar does not contain any CITES relevant material, so I can ship really fast.

Best regards, Frank

Zerberus Guitars, Germany  

Contact name:
Frank Scheucher
Zerberus Guitars
English, German
Hand Made Guitars
Opening hours:
By appointment

All custom guitars are completely made by only one luthier - ME.

Zerberus-Guitars is some kind of a One-Man-Show and it´s only me in the workshop.

I do all the works - drive arround to find amazing long time stored lumber - saw out the bodies and necks -shape that all by hand without using CNC machines - equipp the hardware - install the electronis - paint the guitars and so on......I also take the photos and make the website.

No step of my work is done by someone else.

That makes the guitars very unique.

Building such a handmade unique specimen takes at least 6 months.

For making my custom guitars, I don´t use computer controled CNC-machines.

I do all the routings and carvings by hand and so I am not restricted to any standard designs.

I come from a very musical family.

My grandfather played trumpet in a band and my father is a professional rock´n roll guitarist in my region.

On the other hand my ancestors have been very skilled craftsmen who worked as makers of wood cartweels (Grand-grandfather) and wood barrels (Grandfather).

My father does not have a hand for woodworking :)

But he is a lifetime Rock guitarist.

So in my person the two rows come together being a rock guitarist that also loves woodworking :)

I have inherited some woodworking tools from my grand-grandfather that I still use when building my handcrafted custom guitars.

When I was 14, I have built my first guitar with the help of an old luthier.

Later in 1992 I had my own design company and I specialised in guitar design (have played in several bands this time).

Later in 2002 I founded my very own guitar company Zerberus-Guitars and fullfiled one of my biggest childhood dreams with that.

Is it your dream to own an instrument that is the only one of its kind on the planet, as individual as you - the owner, an instrument that is lovingly handcrafted, using selected timbers and the finest hardware, to satisfy your very own aesthetics, needs and personal preferences?

In my Custom Shop, I specialize in carefully hand-building the kinds of guitars and basses that reflect the DNA of their players. I do not employ CNC-machines which mechanically churn out half-finished guitar bodies every few minutes. By contrast, all carving, assembly and finishing is performed by one skilled craftsman, so that my guitars can not be clones of any models made previously.

Each instrument leaving my Custom Shop is a unique specimen.  And not being restricted to proprietary designs, I am able to develop very individual guitars and basses in response to the originality and inspiration of our clients.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.



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