100 Year Old Cello From Czech Republic / Zlin Philharmonic Cello / 1916 / Spruc And Maple / Bowed Instrument For Sale

I am currently looking to sell a lightly-used cello (weight: 3200 g. length: 122 cm.) previously owned by a member of Zlin Philharmonic. The upper plate is made of spruce, while the cello itself is maple. Telescopic spike and Albert Nurnberger Bow (80.5g) included as well. 

According to violin maker and Czech expert Tomas Pilar, this cello is considered as one of the best pieces to come out of the Schonbach area due to its excellent craftsmanship. The cello is estimated to be approximately 100 years old and was in our family’s possession for over 65 years. Mr. Pilar observed the instrument for wear and damage and helped to restore two small cracks in the framework. In addition, he provided a written report detailing his review of the instrument and its condition, which can be translated and shown to any serious customer for their consideration. Currently seeking 8500 Euro or best offer – if you’re interested in purchasing this beautiful cello, please contact me via email

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