AJL / Gustav Lundgren Signature Model / 2000's / Black / Guitar For Sale

Handbuilt guitar by finnish builder Ari-Jukka Luomaranta. 

spruce top,  brazilian rosewood back and sides,,  neck european wallnut. ebony finger board.

Gustav Lundgren signature model.  Price for a new one today is 4400 eur.   

its with great sadness i sell this guitar , but reality just makes it imposible right now to keep it.  its better someone who would play it more often than me owns it i guess.  Better that than just in its case in a wardrobe.

the guitar has an old damage to the finnish in the bottom side.  (see picture)

also damagees on the case. (see picture)   

im not shure about the exact year the guitar was built, but i guess between 2004-2010.

link to the builder homepage.



a link to when Gustav lundgren talks about his guitar.

(same model as mine except his is a lefthanded version).



more sound sample



a soundbite with this guitar in the ryhtm section


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