Aria Pro II / PE-1500 / 1978 / Antique Brown / Guitar

I am offering for sale this superb and rare Aria Pro II "The Masterpiece" PE 1500 which dates from 1978! A guitar in its own juice then, but what a guitar! Some even nicknamed her "The LesPaul Killer" and I admit they are quite right!
Very warm and powerful sound thanks to the vintage Di Marzio Super Distortion humbuckers. Everything is original and in perfect working order.

Maple body, multiple binding, "arch" sculpted top and back, 3-part maple neck, Jacaranda fingerboard, Aria Pro II MG-55C tuners, mat varnish finish, antique brown color, "Noble" bridge.

I bought it in 1992 and used it on two studio projects and three gigs only, preferring the sound of P90s and singles coils to humbuckers. I part with it because I no longer use it at all and I would prefer to know it alive rather than "finish" (because the beast can still easily last a hundred years) its life in its sarcophagus (Gator brand ).
It weighs its weight (4.5 kg) and is therefore intended for courageous guitarists who are in need of suffering in front of their audience!

Instrument sold
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