C. F. Martin & Co / D18 S / 1968 / Natural / Guitar For Sale

 This is the "S" version which goes back to the traditional martin spec of 12 frets to the body. It also features sloped shoulders and the classic slotted headstock. The tone, balance and projection of this guitar is outstanding. It features solid mahogany back and sides with a sikta spruce top generating sonorous woody tones full of warmth. It has a comfortable neck profile with a slightly wider board making it great for finger picking and flat pickers! Comes with an old non original but very cool and vibey hadcase 

 There is a repair to a crack just next to the pickguard from what looks like shrinkage from the pickguard as the materials used in the 60s tended to suffer from this!


Shipping can be arranged but at the buyers risk and cost. 

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