Chapman Stick / 10 String (serial 309) / 1976 / Natural Wood / Stringed Instrument For Sale

10 string (Classic tuning), serial 309 (est. manufacture 1976). I purchased it from a previous owner in 2017. 
This Stick comes with:
- an original, sturdy flight case (including the key),
- an original truss rod adjustment tool,
- an original neck strap that connects to the headstock,
- a dual mono to stereo 1/4 inch jack cable,
- two extra sets of strings, one from Stick Enterprises, one from a generic supplier(missing one 1st string, see below for details).
Please see the photos and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, or to request a link to many more photos of the instrument.


- I have communicated via email with Stick Enterprises about the instrument, they confirmed from the serial number (309) that the strings for it should be for the "Classic Tuning" configuration, although some variation is possible if you discuss further with them about appropriate strings for this model. (Fun fact, I have tuned the two sets of five strings a half step up and down / apart without experiencing trouble).
- I have set up the instrument as best as I can for intonation and action, although it will likely need readjustment by the next player. The neck has a slight natural bow due to current truss rod setting, but is even across the neckwise plane.
- The original pickup electronics still work perfectly well, and sound true to the Stick bass tone, although one may replace the entire pickup module with a new one from Stick Enterprises. 
- Two of the ten screws on the tips of the tuning heads have rust damage and signs of scratching (see photos), however this is barely noticeable, and they function perfectly.
- There are two very minor marks, perhaps bumps or scratches, on the underside in two places. These take a close inspection to see with the naked eye and are barely perceptible.
- Most of the small adjustment screws within the pickup module have rusted (this was already the case when I bought it 5 years ago - see photos), however they can turn and so they work correctly to raise or lower the pickups to the strings (the intended function).
- recently strung with a new set of original strings from Stick Enterprises, used for about 4 hours in total play time.
- extra complete original set (see photos).
- generic set (missing one) from Newtone strings in the UK - 1st string is missing from that set of ten.
- Collection in person in Sweden, or the UK, either in Rugby or London region is preferable, however other options may be discussed.

All the best, Ami.


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