Deimel / Firestar / 2015 / Pearl White / Guitar's a Deimel. Frank Deimel lives in Berlin, makes the guitars from scratch, his clientèle consists of players like Lee Ranaldo, Bill Frisell, the National,....
Mine here has a medium scale neck, long tenon, pine body, and is chambered, so comfortably light.
A fifties Dearmond Hershey Bar in the neck, a seventies Fender wide range humbucker in the bridge. No reissues, real ones ! He also installed a piezzo in the body, for percussion and broken guitar sounds, think Tom Waits.
A Mastery bridge, and a Mastery trem - the best! The three little switches are the piezzo, a tone bypass and a bass cut.
Sounds like heaven, like hell, like jazz, punkrock, krauty, sixties, scapy, garage, messy and elegant.
Instrument sold
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