Drum Limousine / Custom / 2014 / Dark Green Satin Woodgrain / Drum For Sale


Almost never used custom built drum limousine kit!

I'm selling my almost never used drumkit since I've ended up in an economical downer.
The set was built in the summer of 2014 by the leading danish drum company, Drum Limousine.

The sizes are as follows;

Bass drum: 28 x 24 

tom: 16 x 8

floor tom: 20 x 16 

snare: 14 x 7 

(A must see and hear) 

The kit has been out to play 2 concerts and have had 1 rehersal round. 

The bass drums frontskin still has slowjoint printed on it. 

Price is negotianable. 


It recides in The south of Denmark. 


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