Eko / 995 / 1969 / Bass For Sale

Eko produced these basses in the 1960's in response to the Beatles and McCartney's Hofner violin bass. They only made a few hundred and so the Eko has now become rarer, and more collectable, than the Hofner.

I've owned this one since 1970, so I know it's been looked after. It served me well  - the action is clean and low, the neck is straight and all round it has a good feel to play.

The bass is in very good condition; the scratch plate went missing years ago and it has a small crack in the lacquer (see photo). Otherwise it's in good shape.

The original case is included - it is still solid with a few dints as you'd expect - the lining is clean and in good shape.

I'm selling reluctantly - my fingers don't work that well any more so I can't play now.  I'd rather this lovely old bass went to to someone who was going to use and appreciate it

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