Epiphone / Century E422T / 1961 / Royal Burgundy / Guitar For Sale

A 1961 Epiphone Century in Royal Burgundy. Check that colour and the factory stinger at the back of the headstock!

Built by Gibson at the Gibson plant, Kalamazoo, 1961. Good Years at the plant.

Gibson launched the Century, an existing Epiphone-model, in 1958 and replaced the NY-pickup by their own Gibson P-90. Good move.

Thinline hollow body with a P-90, that’s a match. In the same year 1961 the Epiphone Casino was born, besides. Good times!

Original except for the pots (CTS pots and Orange drop capacitor). Excellent condition. Straight mahogany neck. Rosewood fretboard, plenty of life. Original and adjustable rosewood bridge with a trapezoid tailpiece. Laminate Maple body, beautiful finish in Epi’s Royal Burgundy.

And that factory stinger! Vintage lovers know how rare that is. This is a beauty, in very good condition, built in 1961 at the Gibson plant, with a Gibson P-90 from the old days, from the time when Gibson started building the Casino's, need I say more? This is a winner. And the only Burgundy one for sale in the world. With a factory stinger. Score 11/10. 

Serial 40083
With (non-original) hard case.
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