FRAMUS / SUPERSTRAT DELUXE / 1963 / Yellow Pastel / Guitar

Vintage FRAMUS srat Deluxe , made in 1963

This German solidbody is the same quality  of the big  vintage american guitars.

Curiously called Strato (Deluxe), its (massive) body seems like a Fender Jazzmaster model, as well as its many on / off switches, in addition to its usual settings (one volume, one tone per microphone).

A beautiful possibility of sounds, attack and power, as well as a warmth worthy of one of its American of this time.

Very rare to find entirely original (only a potentiometer button has been replaced), it will give you the privilege of being unique.

It has a few dents and signs of wear, but is in good condition considering its age. The electronics have never been changed and are perfectly functional.

A real alternative to the big American brands of the 60/70s which had become too many expensive.

You can see an equivalent model in demonstration (especially the gold model which is of the same configuration) on youtube.

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