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Retro guitars hand-built in the US, for less RB6 Standard 

The RB6 Standard is slightly more unusual, looking a little like the “old” RB6 in a Rickenbacker vein. In addition to the characteristic cutaways and the huge, angled headstock, this also includes the somewhat abruptly curved maple top, sometimes referred to as a “German carve top”.

It is equipped with an Alder body and a maple ’50s round back neck, a fretboard of Indian rosewood with 22 Jescar 6105 Nickel/Steel frets, tusq nut, klusson tuners and a compound radius of 10 to 16 “. This is strongly vintage styled and in keeping with the aesthetic appeal you’d associate with the Fano brand. It has a wrap around bridge and two Lollar Imperial Hambuckers with plastic covers, matching the nitro finish, in cream. 

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