Fender / Concert Amp / 1962 / 220v Export Version / Amp For Sale

Fender Concert / All original Jan 1962 / 220v Export Version - for sale
Very rare January 1962 Fender Concert amp in Original 220v export version.
What we have here an absolute rare gem as this is the earliest known Fender amp in original 220v export version.
Made in January 1962 (LA on tube chart. L for year 1962 an A for month of January). 
Let's make a little bit of history :
Fender started exporting instrument to Europe in end 1960/1961 and it was after that they started producing amp in 220v european version.
Everyone of you Fender geeks have seen the external red switch on the back of Fender Blackface (or 1964 white) amps.
This red switch means export model (110v and 220v) but I am sure few people are aware that before that, some brownface amps were equipped with an original internal switch and export power transformer that allows to choose the voltage.
Here is your chance to own one of those rare export brownface amps and the earliest known (anyone has ever seen a 1961 export model?  I don't think so)
This model has all original transformers (power transformer, output transformer, choke) dated from 1961 (yes 1961).
Speakers are original also with Fender back covers.
It has just been serviced and sounds perfectly with the best tremolo on earth!!
PRICE : 3.500€ (+ shipping)
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