Fender / Jazz Bass / 1968 / Sunburst / Bass For Sale

1968 Fender Jazz in amazing condition! 

100% original (the pots are from the 42nd week of 1966)

And it´s in Spain (Europe)

3 colour Sunburst finish 

3Ply-Tortoiseshell guard

Maple neck with binding. 

The neck is straight. The entire instrument has been set up by a pro luthier. 

Listen to him: https://youtu.be/rVqdYUJ5N04  

Pearl blocks 

Dark Rosewood  Fingerboard 

It´s been professionally refreted (with the same size of the original ones. 

Aside from the 1 saddle of the bridge (which is prior to ´68) the rest it's all original and complete including the original case. 

Now it has a med/low action with a set of DR Lo-Rider 45-100 bright stainless steel strings. 

Listen to him on the video attached. 

Worldwide Shipping (ask for quotation) Free shipping included, for Spain. 

Don´t hesitate to contact me for any further question you might have.

  Send message to: Vintage & Rare
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