Fender / Princeton / 1963 / Brownface / Amp For Sale

Fender Princeton Brownface amplifier in excellent condition with great cleans and sweet tube break up starting at 4.


Tolex, grill, cabinet, speaker and electronics are in excellent original condition. It appears that this one was played sparingly. The original AC cord has been replaced with a grounded 3 prong plug. The leather handle  might be a replica, but again, given the overall condition of the amp, it might be original.


(1962 Chassis # Range P01000 to P05100) -  Serial # for this amp is PO5041

Power Transformer Code - 606307 (7th Week of 1963)

Output Transformer Code - 606238 (38th Week of 1962)

Tube Chart Code is MD ( April -1963)


12 Watts 

6G2 Circuit

5 Tube (Two 6V6, One 5Y3, One 12AX7 and One 7025 ) 

Hand Point-to-Point Wiring

10 inch speaker

One Button Tremolo Foot Switch

Volume, Tone, Speed and Depth Controls

$2695 + $75 Fed-Ex Ground Shipping in the CONUS
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