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1951 Fender Pro Amp. The very amp that was used in all the music scenes

of the original Blues Brothers movie. 

Belonged to Dan Aykroyd who used it for harp in both the movie, the recordings of the soundtrack and live in concert. After having been sold by the Blues Brothers tourmanager to a swedish music store, I purchased it in Stockholm and spent A LOT of money making sure it would work properly again.

It has really seen some action, but though it has been brought back to stabile playing condition, it has been maintained in exactly the same state and with the somewhat non-original specs as it appeared in the movie. I specificly requested the repairshop to NOT change any components unless they were not working.

These are the very recognisable non-original characteristics you will see in the original movie:

• Metal corners

• Silver speakercloth instead of the original brown cloth

• Very ugly plywood backpanel

• Dymo markings on the control panel

• CMI square magnet 15 inch speaker instead of the standard 15” Jensen

Flip slowly through the movie and you will see it all

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