Fender / Stratocaster / 1958 / White Body/Maple Neck / Guitar For Sale

This guitar was given to me when my Father In Law Passed away, . I found the guitar one day while going through his attic, I saw the case first and opened it and got very excited. I asked him about it and this is what he told me, He bought the guitar in 1959 after delivering news papers for a year. He played it all the time and said he had to replace the neck in 1964 because of wear, the body was refinished and he stopped playing it after he got married and the guitar had been in the attic since then. I sent the guitar to Lindy Fralin a well known Luthier in the US and he went throuth it and found one pickup needed to be rewound. Lindy used original wire and rewound the original pickup, They guitar was cleadned and nothing else done to it. I truly do not want to sell this guitar but I am in a finacial situation that requires me to sell it. I have attached some pictures and plase contact me with any questions. Thank You

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