Fender / Stratocaster / 1963 / Lake Placid Blue / Guitar For Sale

I knew this one caught your eye ;)

Up for sale is this stunning, no issues 1963 Fender Stratocaster in LPB.

Definitely no case queen, this one has been around A LOT. Wonder how many songs and stories are in there…..

Purchased 2 years ago @ Vintage Guitar Boutique (later Lucky Frets). They purchased it from it’s first owner.

I strongly recommend reading the Certificate of Authenticity added to the pictures for a detailed description.

Cites Certificate included for sure.

Since purchased no changes were made, also, almost no wear on the new frets. 

The pickguard is functional, but if I could keep this guitar I’d personally go for a nice repro guard to make adjusting the neck PU easier.

Pickups read 6.14/5.85/5.82  B/M/N

Neck measures 0.810 - 0.970 1st/12th fret.

Plays & sounds wonderfully. Check the youtube link for further impressions.

  Send message to: Vintage & Rare