Fender / Stratocaster / 1963 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

1962 and 1963 are probably the best years of production as for Stratocasters, it's been well-documented throughout the years. This one doesn't falls off the legend, its sound is one of a kind!

This guitar is a player's grade guitar (see photos) and has just been checked, updated  and cleaned by DNG Guitars in Paris, everything works flawlessly.

Two of the tone/volume knobs are not original, the vibrato springs are not original, the electronics (pots and some wires) inside have been updated by the previous owner, the pickguard is not original but the original one will be included with the guitar. I  believe that the first owner added phase buttons to the original pickguard but everything has been taken off of it. An extra straight vibrato bar will come with it as well. The frets are original and in a very good condition. The weight of the guitar is ~3,1kg.

This guitar comes with an original import Hagström hard case and a CITES certificate in Swedish.

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