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Please read carefully, all questions are welcomed.

Here on offer is a beautiful example of a 1972 natural finish vintage fender stratocaster. The guitar has nice low action and lots of fret life and sounds as expected with beautiful harmonic classic rich tones that only vintage strats can truly produce. As soon as you pick this one up you know youre holding a piece of living history.

The wiring, pickups, hardware and knobs are all original apart from the toggle switch tip which is new. There are obvious signs of genuine wear and tear which can easily be seen in the photos, adding authenticity to this beautiful historic guitar.

Included is the original rare fender stratocaster manual and what appears to be a late 70s moulded fender stratocaster hard case in excellent condition.


The pickups were recently hand rewound by legendary  Philippine luthier Arie Hipolito from the Guitar Hospital,  who went over the guitar with a fine tooth comb providing the new custodian with a master set up. 

The original neck was broken and after a long search I replaced it with a genuine 1975 vintage neck. I can provide photos of the neck date  and pot cavity on request and in addition I have the original neck here and can provide photos for anyone who is interested. 

I am currently searching for a period tremelo arm but the guitar is currently being sold minus the arm.ill update accordingly if I manage to source one.

If you have been searching for an authentic period correct vintage stratocaster  with no hidden surprises then this beautiful example  should be seriously considered. The guitar is priced to sell and will likely go quickly although Im hoping it can stay with me a little longer as its become my guitar of choice..Im falling in love ..sorry wifey!

Please forward any questions you may have about this most wonderful guitar.

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