Fender / Stratocaster 57 AVRI Fullerton American Vintage Reissue '57 / 1984 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

1984 Fender 1957 Vintage Reissue "Fullerton" "V00" Stratocaster! EXCELLENT +++

There are great vintage guitars and then there is something more than thes, one of the popular, 57 vintage reissue strats from the Fender Fullerton factory like new CASE CANDY.

From 1982 to 1984, Fender again built the 1957 and 1962 Vintage Reissue Stratocaster on the same machines as the originals in the Fullerton factory. The initiator was Dan Smith, the innovative head at Fender.

With the use of thin nitro finishes and vintage pickups, wiring assemblies, and body / neck specifications, these early 80s Fullerton reissues have earned their reputation as the finest Fender Stratocaster since the original days of Pre-CBS Leo. These guitars are the most interesting for collectors, as they always retain their top value.

Here is an original "V00" AVRI Stratocaster from 1984 in the best condition, which sounds even super. Usually, a vintage guitar is in this state in the museum, it should be almost unplayed and looks like it was just sold yesterday, even though it is 33 years old. For example, the plasic is still on the back plate, all original accessories are almost untouched.

• Weight 3,4 kg
• The original Potis date to 1982 and the original black Bottom Pickups have a super sound
• Frets as new - no wear!
• Neck date: 9-27-84
• Original tape (unaffected / new)
• Original cable (unaffected / new)
• Original Trem Arm (unaffected / like new)
• Original paperwork (warranty card, inspection label, manual) as new
• Original Ash-Trey cover (unaffected / new)
• Original Trem spring pack with two additional springs (like new)
• Original 5-way switch (unopened / new)
• Original case buttons (unopened / new)
• Original polish cloth (slightly used)

Look to the photos, what great guitar!

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