GLADIUS / JTM67 / 2016 / Amp For Sale

Gladius Halfstack: JTM67 MK II & LCC212A(W) Cabinet w/ Scumback Speakers

The JTM67 is based on the Marshall JTM50 from 1967 with EL34 Powertubes, ECC83 Preamptubes and tube rectification with 30 Watt, variable in 5 steps to 1 Watt. It has two channels with high and low inputs as well as switchable rhythm and lead function.

The 2x12" Cabinet is equipped with a Scumback M75/65Watt/16Ohm and a H75/65Watt/16Ohm and can be used mono & stereo. BxHxD 66x71x36cm, Impedance 8Ohm.

I am the first owner, both head and cabinet are like new and work perfect


You're welcome to test and in case of questions feel free to contact me, the Amp is located in Hamburg, Germany

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