Gartone / 2003 Bluesman 18 Watt Combo In Tweed / 2003 / Amp For Sale

Here for sale 2003 Gartone Bluesman 18 Watt Combo in tweed. This Gartone Blueman delivers that classic tweed tone in a compact package. Handwired in the UK, the circuits is a clone of a 1956 Tweed Deluxe and is one of the early examples made in 2003. This amp moves from sweet clean to gnarly, biting drive whilst retaining its definition. If dynamic, touch-sensitive amps are your thing then look no further. It's in very good condition and comes as pictured.

A word from the manufacturer...

Specs -

Handwired 5E3 circuit

Mercury Magnetics transformers

Sprague electrolytic capacitors

NOS Allen Bradley resistors

CTS pots

NOS Cinch tube sockets and shields

Switchcraft jacks

NOS tubes – NOS JAN Philips 5Y3GT, 6V6GT(2) and 12AX7, JAN General Electric 12AY7

Solid pine cabinet made by Larry Rodgers

Weber 12A125 speaker 1 x 12

Handmade solid pine cabinet

Genuine lacquered tweed covering

Dimensions (H x W x D) 420 x 508 x 241mm (16.5 x 20 x 9.5”)

Weight 16kg (35lbs)

More Info:

This 18 watt 1x12 combo is based on the 1950’s 5E3 tweed deluxe. One of the most popular vintage amps, it’s a favorite of many, who love it for its’ addictive tone and personality. And with measurements taken directly from an original 1956 amp, plus Mercury Magnetics transformers cloned from the best vintage examples they could find, the Bluesman is as authentic as it gets. All the 5E3 features are here, from interactive volume controls and common tone control to cathode-biased 6V6 power tubes running without negative feedback for natural raw tube tone. With top-notch build quality and boutique components, the Bluesman is fabulously responsive, with singing sustain and a warm sweet tone. In fact, it’s as much a musical instrument as the guitar itself.

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