Gibson / EB-6 Prototype Hank Garland Owned / 1958 / Sunburst / Bass For Sale

Hank Garland's 1958 Gibson EB-6 - 6 String Bass Guitar that Hank designed. Hank also designed the Gibson 335, the Gibson ES 345 Stereo Guitar with a Varitone switch and the Gibson 355 Guitar. I know about these Guitars because I was there when Hank designed them.

The Gibson EB-6, 6 string Bass Guitar is the only one ever made by Gibson. The neck is 4 1/2 inches longer and has a lot of technical design. The serial number is written inside with a pen. The neck was longer and first in it's design so they did not have a case for it. They made a special Gig bag for this special Bass Guitar.  It is such a Holy Grail & a piece of American Music History.  All of these Gibson Guitars that Hank designed are from the original Gibson Guitar Manufacturer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Have been stored in a temperature controlled vault for 44 years. Not many people have ever seen them.

This was used on many of Elvis Presley's recordings like "Fame and Fortune", "I Got Stung", "Stuck On You", etc.  Also, see the link for the article written by Wolf Marshall for our friends over at

This instrument comes with full provenance from the Garland family. 

For sale to museums only. 

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