Gibson / ES 330 / 1966 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

This is an absolute gem of a guitar. 1966 Gibson ES-330 with bags of character.

Overall condition is clean. No breaks or major repairs. Everything is 100 per cent original. There has been some light fret repair work on the second fret. Some varnish has come away near the volume and tone knobs. See picture. 

I bought it from Chandlers in Kew and have been lucky enough to own it and care for it for about 20 years. 

Its very old so looks like an oil painting in parts. Simply stunning.

Structurally sound. 

Set up and general maintenance have taken place every year since I have owned it. Stored sensibly. 

This is a wonderful guitar. I'm not gigging as much as I used to so selling so someone can get as much enjoyment out of it as me. 

Comes with an original vintage hard-shell case. Pictured. 

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