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This is as good as it gets without the Eric Clapton 'Cream Era' price tag....

1966 Gibson ES 335 in Cherry Red.  This is a wonderful playing and sounding 335...extremely resonant and vibrant guitar that doesn't suffer from the thin sounding high E string that many 335's do.  This guitar has all the balls to blow away the best of Les Pauls..and that is not an overstatement.

It is all original with the exception of the stop tailpiece and tuners.  The pickups were removed in the past but have been reinstalled and sound powerful... These 60's patent number pickups sound just as good as PAFs to my ear and are far more consistant.

There is a repaired hairline crack on running along the wing of the bass side of the headstock that is clearly shown in the photos.  This is perfectly stable.  It was like this when I purchased the guitar years ago.  You can leave this guitar in its case for weeks and it will still be in tune and has never caused me any problems with tuning stability when gigging.

It has been professionally refretted (again, before I bought it) and it plays like butter.  The frest are still in perfect shape and have not been recrowned.

There is stand marks on the bottom of the guitar where the black has leached into the finish but is barely noticeable.

The original yellow lined case is serviceable but requires the handle to be professionally reattached.  

This is an exceptionally good playing and sounding vintage 335 and for sale at not a great deal more than a new Gibson Custom model...and cheaper than you would pay for some True Historic Les Pauls that this guitar would eat for breakfast.

Someone is going to be very, very happy with this instrument.


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