Gibson / Es 330 / 1966 / Iced Tea Burst / Guitar For Sale

Here’s a nice one up for grabs. 

1966 Es330 in a beautiful Iced tea burst just like the one Brian Jones & Keith Richards played.

This is the CLEANEST 330 I’ve ever seen. 

Absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

It is 100% original besides a pro refret. It has ZERO issues.

As a bonus , it sounds incredible as well - has some real teeth when pushed and sounds sweet as an angels bell when you roll the volume back.

Even at 1 9/16 nut , it’s really nice to play with a great shape profile. I have pretty big hands and it suits me just fine.

Take a look at the photos - these are straight from my phone with ZERO filters or adjustments, save for cropping so they would fit in frame here.

Excuse the blur on the black light pics - slow shutter speed caused it to be a bit blurry.

This is a sweet 330 and anyone who owns it will love it. can’t beat the price .

Shipped in a non original GIBSON Es 335 case.


$3800 plus shipping

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