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Here's a 2012 Gibson Hummingbird Pro electric acoustic that sounds awesome. I purchased used and just put new elixir coated nanoweb lite strings on it. I don't know the history of it. The action and playability is perfect in my opinion but with that being said, this is not a perfect guitar. It has slight scratches and finish wear, which personally never bothered me, just adds personality. Nothing at all major but looks like a crack repair on the side, that's been done at some point over the years if you look hard but in no way jeopardizes the structure, play or sound of the guitar. I have screenshots posted of the inside of the guitar showing the repair, and also shows a stamp that says #11emmylou on the bottom of the bridge.. which I'm guessing Gibson uses some of the same parts to make multiple guitars, like the Emmylou Harris SJ200 they made in the same time frame but I honestly don't know. I googled this and found one other hummingbird pro that someone discovered the same stamp inside on the Gibson guitar forum. This is the perfect guitar to gig, travel, and jam with and get the sound, playability, quality and look of a Gibson but not freak out if you or someone bumps it. A martin case that it came with when I purchased it is included. I've never plugged the guitar in since I'm just a strumming campfire hobbyist , but  the tuner and control part does light up.  Play it, and you'll love it, guaranteed. More pics available by request. Please ask any questions that you may have. It will be shipped  with the strings loosened to take the tension off the neck

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