Gibson / Les Paul / 1971 / Cherry Sunburst / Guitar

It is with great sadness I'm letting this one go...

A Les Paul Deluxe in Cherry Sunburst that has been converted to Standard specs. It is a fantastic playing guitar. Honestly one of the best Les Pauls I've ever held in my hands.
It suffered a pretty nasty headstock break that was glued and splined and is solid. Just about every part on this guitar has been replaced.
It currently has Kluson style tuners, nickel hardware, replaced electronics (500k pots and orange drop caps), Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups, and comes with a 90’s Gibson case that’s a bit worn but functions perfectly fine.
The guitar weighs 9 pounds even which frankly for that era is a featherweight.

Now as as far as the scary looking crack running down the neck. When the last owner got it, the first thing he did was to make sure the truss rod worked. It does fine. He even tuned the guitar up a step, set the neck straight, and then cranked the rod about half a full turn (creating over .040” of relief as kind of a stress test). The crack didn’t grow nor did the finish split. It’s ugly but again it’s structurally good.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. This is a fantastic players guitar, with sustain for days to come.
You could go and have a bite, and you'd still be hearing that one...
For less than a new Standard, you can get a vintage piece that plays and sounds great. This one's a true road warrior that has been loved through its life and if it could talk, the stories it would have to tell would be unbelievable.

I did my best to capture this beauty's mojo and battle scars in the pictures, but it's honestly best seen in person!

Price is negotiable.
Thanks for looking!

Instrument sold
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