Gibson / Les Paul CC #30 / 2014 / Sunburst / Guitar

Welcome to the top of the world! Although I never dreamed of having an instrument of such a level ... We have earned it hard, so ... it is time to rub shoulders with the legends! Some of the highlights: The Top is the perfect pair: 2 meticulously selected Maple tops, to fit together as if it were a single piece. A neck shape digitally scanned and carved to recreate to the millimeter, an original Burst from the last years of the golden decade of the '50s: And in this case from 1959 (the year par excellence) Accurate repros of the mythical PAF -Its light Relic, recreates the perfect guitar, which is none other than a vintage used / used but very well cared for, therefore, in perfect condition: Result: maximum optimization of its potential: All the quality of before, in explosive cocktail with current cutting-edge technology, and the icing on the cake of the passage of time. Product characteristics Burst Replica (serial nummber): 9-0291 (1959) Limited: 300 pieces Year 2014
Body * Top of the best Figured Maple. * On the body: One-piece lightweight mahogany wood, slightly hand-aged to match the original. The most modern drying processes have been used to optimize its crystallization. The result: Robustness, sonic bouquet and eternal sustain.
Neck * Fingerboard: One-piece wood of the best rosewood in the factory, with cellulose inlays. * Neck: Profile 1959. Top Mahogany. Mahogany Finish: Strong cherry "Appraisal Burst" top, back and sides with aniline dye. Electronics: * Custom buckers with Alnico III magnets to recreate the original PAFs. * Individual volume and tone controls with "Bumble bee" capacitors and a three-way switch. Hardware: Period correct Tune-o-matic bridge, lightweight aluminum tailpiece, and reissued Kluson ™ tuners, all in aged nickel.Plastics: Golden top hat pickguard, frames, rings and potentiometers. Accessories: Hard case with triple authenticity certificate. Its interesting story: An explosion so pristine it could have come out of a time capsule Loved and lovingly played by its original owner for nearly five decades, this stunning Les Paul appeared in 2008 when the owner contacted Gibson. The factory consulted with the well-known Burst expert, Mr. Vic DaPra, and the end result was that the anonymous collector from Texas, known for his generous confidence in entrusting his prized collection to a network of active professional musicians, loaned the instrument for its public exhibition and subsequent authorized reproduction. All of this allowed Gibson's Custom Hop to develop and offer the Collector's Choice ™ # 30 1959 Les Paul, also known as the "Gibson Appraisal Burst / Gabby", a perfect detailed recreation of one of the best preserved 'Bursts' ever known. . From its rich cherry red finish that remains remarkably strong and non-fading, to its superbly three-dimensional figured maple top with minimal wear, to its precise neck shape, and Custom Buckers that accurately recreate your original PAFs. This is about as close as a pristine '59 vintage Les Paul can get. Gabby was produced in a limited edition of 300 guitars for the entire world, due to the scarcity of materials that allow us to build these uniquely rated jewels today.

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