Gibson / Les Paul Standard / 1999 / Aged Cherry Sunburst / Guitar

Oh boy, the stories this guitar could tell...
This one has been plenty on the road and gotten it's lovely MOJO the natural way, instead of fake from the factory (people pay hardcore money for a factory produced road worn-feel like this one has).
I recently took of the pickup cover on the bridge, which of course comes with the guitar. This gave the guitar more of a Jimmy Page/Slash 'first burst-vibe', and the middle position just makes me wanna cry because of how amazing it sounds!
The guitar has recently seen a well deserved and extremely well done refret by guitar tech guru David Neely, who does the guitar work for people like Slash, Joe Bonamassa, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Chet Atkins, Tom Petty, The Edge, BB King, Paul McCartney, Prince and many, many more.
The neck has been repaired at one point, but it's been done so beautifully professional that you really can't tell unless you actually really look for it a bit. The crack can't be felt, and it hasn't affected the playability even a little.
The guitar comes with it's original hardcase and can be shipped to anywhere in America. Send me a PM, and the price is negotiable.
Absolute best regards,
Instrument sold
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