Gibson / SG Custom - Lyre Vibrola / 1972 / Walnut / Guitar

1972 Gibson SG Custom, Lyre Vibrola, serial number 961325
Probably made year is 1972 due to the serial and “embossed” covers.

NOHC is included.

The instrument is in excellent structural, mechanical and electrical conditions. Straight neck, excellent action, keys are 80% ok . Original humbuckers 2,737,842 but not original pots and wiring: independent 3-volume and one tone wiring, the switch is original but disabled, each volume control is independent and can split one of the two coils with push-pull action (from the humbuckers were separate the 4 wires, two for each coil). Tuners probably replaced and then restored with the originals or same age ones (screw holes visible in the photographs)

Various small bumps and scratches back the body ("belt area") and in the edges of the headstock. Some wear on the back of the neck. See the pics:

No breakage, no repairs. The instrument is perfectly playable.



Instrument sold
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