Gibson / Thunderbird 76 Bicentennial / 1976 / Tobacco Sunburst / Bass For Sale


1976 Gibson Thunderbird BicentennialTobacco Sunburst On Offer !

Bought new in early 1977 at a cost of £580.00 from Norwich Sound Systems and owned by me ever since. Bass was actively gigged from time of purchase for approx. 3-4 years, used for the full range of gigs from summer season and dinner dance's to Jethro Tull covers and pub rock. It was then replaced by my Jazz Bass and retired to it's case until now. I was told at the time by the Gibson rep who delivered it that the 06 serial number denoted that it was made in 1976 in the original production run of 228 (in this finish). The official Gibson records suggest thay it may be 1977 ( I bought it in in March 1977 so the Gibson figures may or may not be correct). I believe that Gibson were slow to perfect the production process and that they were late with deliveries which is why production spilled over into 1977 and beyond. Production of this batch seems to have been a bit haphazard in the rush to get these to the shops for the Bicentennial launch and is evident in the clearance slots in the pickup routs and one or two other areas.
It has never suffered a neck break or wing separation and has had no modifications carried out and the strap buttons are in the original positions. Truss rod intact. It is in used condition and has aquired a small number of dings (which I have tried to illustrate in the photographs) and some wear to the pickup covers. One or two marks on the back but has never been near a buckle ! Overall it has been well cared for and as can be seen is in very good condition for a 42 year old bass. It comes with original Gibson hard case which has various marks and some tears etc. that result from several years of loading in and out of transit vans, but is in good serviceable working condition (i.e. catches etc.). The vivid pink interior can be seen in the photographs, I will add further pics showing the exterior A.S.A.P. Also comes with both bridge and pickup covers, the screws with those are not original, the original black plastic spacer which fits between the pickup cover and body has unfortunately been lost. I have made a replacement from W/B/W pickguard material. Also included is the narrow (too narrow) original Gibson strap which is well worn and has seen better days but is included as it was part of the original set.
I am sad to see this bass go, I have been it's keeper and enthusiastic fan for the last 42 years it has been cared for and loved during that time it's a great thing to own. Physically these bass's are a bit cumbersome and ungainly, but they are beautifully made from stunning materials a true design icon from the golden age of the electric bass and they offer a far wider range of sounds than they are generally given credit for. Regarding shipping the figure listed is an estimate just to cover the listing and includes the insurance cover up to £2,500. Would prefer to sell this in the UK but any prospective buyers in the EU please feel free to contact me (at present I have no C.I.T.E.S. certificate to cover the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard so sale outside the EU is not an option). Main priority for shipping is to ensure that the bass is safe, historically these do not travel well, and having protected and nurtured this one for the last 42 years I don't just want it to become another neck job. So shipping to be discussed I am more than prepared to split the cost to ensure that we end up with the right solution. Should you require any further details or additional specific photographs please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for viewing and reading all this. Note; this item is also advertised elsewhere
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