Heinz Seifert / Favorit / 1959 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

The Favorit of the Favorits !
Heinz Seifert Favorit (1959 ). I bought this guitar first hand, it is
an artist series, which means the only merited citizen of the GDR had
been allowed to get such instruments. Such a Lady was allowed to buy
it after earning a diploma in 1960 and I estimate the instrument was
manufactured in 1959. ( like me :-) Over 50 years not used stored in
case !
Of course, she was totally in the original condition but the Relog
sounded modest, the plastic pickguard was simply ugly and the
tailpiece , well.
Since I am a perfectionist, it was worked on by the masters Striebel /
Esmyol to absolute high-end player.
"Refinished" with the best parts which Seifert would have used personally.
It is an absolute unique dream instrument! Plays like by itself
absolutely defined over the whole tone palette with a sustain never
heard of any Archtop and acoustic-sound with a touch of "Shakti"or
with the Roger Super bridge a tick of "Gypsy" . Electrically, the
Az-Pu was the only (after Häussel / Rythmking 1100) of this outrageous
singing diskant to bring on the Membrane. The 80 year old aaa tone
woods combined with Seifert's masterpiece-work produce a tonal
fineness looking for challenge to get into practice !
Measured to Gibson also for 20.000, - is not able to build such an
instrument but I like to remain real for musicians,
I estimate 7000, - € for this never-to-get-anymore unique dream
instrument; Dot !
Of course in neat Original-Case
( to mention : "Sorry Sir Arthur Lang but 3 of your precious
instruments passing through my hands did not top her ! )
Worldwide shipping with DHL+Insurance included .
Incredible Tone for "high-level" guitarists a la John mcLaughlin and Jim Hall !
Currently fitted with 0/12-0/52 DÁquisto Electric Jazz Nickel RW
signature light strings + 3 sets and Roger Super bridge .

Note : Application for this "Stradivari" with personal "Audio-file"
only ! This Lady is no piece of collectors tank !
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