Hiwatt / Custom Hiwatt 100 DR103 Head And A SE4123 412 Cab / 1970's / Amp For Sale

Custom Hiwatt 100. DR103 head with a SE4123 4x12 cabinet. This half stack is from the early 1970s. New quality tubes. The front clothes is not original but just some black clothes. Everything is original and 100% fine. With the military-spec chassis, point-to-point wiring, and marine-grade cabinets, Hiwatt amps are also known for being built like tanks. DR103s in particular is loaded with EL34 power tubes and ECC83 preamp tubes.

It sounds very clean and plays extremely loud. Perfekt for quality pedals/effects to sound 100% right!

Value for the money! Reasonable offers are welcome.

Gear will ship from Denmark on buyers expense. Local pickup can also be arranged. 

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