Hofner / 189 / 1970 / Sunburst / Bass For Sale

Hello guys!


I’m offering my Höfner 189 Bassguitar. It is around 50 years old and I guess built in 1970-72. Höfner didn’t use serial numbers until the mid 70’s and so it’s hard to tell the exact year.

I own this instrument since 18 years now and I bought it from a Guitar Collector in Munich. I’ts been played a lot on Stage and most of the scars around the body have been already there when I bought it. The sound is warm with a good punch in the mid frequencies and the neck is well playable. Even through a long night on Stage you won’t feel that tired due to the weight of only

3.8 kilogramms.

The Bass is in good condition, only the lowest poti scratches a bit, but that is all to be looked after technicwise.

I will deliver the Bass in a propper guiter case. The fees will depend on where it may go to, so I have to find out then. I’ts located in Munich Germany.

I hope you will like it


Greets Markus

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