Hofner / 457/12 / 1967 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

This is a very special rare guitar. First for its age (the model was built between 1966 and 1967), then for its condition and also for it's sound, unique and incomparable to any other 12 string guitar I know. Everything is original in it, except for the bridge, one tuning peg and the electronics, which was replaced to offer a better performance of the original Höfner humbuckers. However, I preserve the original electronic in case it wants to be reinstalled. Everything else is in excellent condition as it's shown on the pictures (frets, fretboard, body) and all the setup and work has been done by renowed Brousolle luthier in Barcelona.


This guitar is unbeatable if you like to play 60's jangle pop, folk rock, psychedelia... Arpeggios on the top part of the neck, open chords and higher frets. I also play solos with it and use it with lots of overdrive and delay. With some hall reverb it brings you to space.


I got this gem from a person that brough it from Ibiza, back from the sixties magic era in the island. I've played, toured and registered albums with it (i.e. Ascend album by Celestial Bums (2016, EXAG' Records), recorded in Austin, TX.

Includes hard case.

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