Hughes & Kettner / Tri Amp MK1 Head With Mathing 4x12 / 1995 / Amp For Sale

Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKI Head (Rare) with Hughes and Kettner Triamp 4x12 Angled Cab (Very Rare), Footswitch and additional MIDI Switching Module (Discontinued)


Its by far the best amp I've ever played. The spectrum of sound that you can create with this amp is astonishing. As every review you'll be able to find online will tell you...


With 6 channels and essentially 3 amps within 1 amp to choose from the sound range is huge.


I am not getting the use out of this amp to warrant keeping it so it has to move on to a new home


There are full schematics diagrams at and a bunch of sound bytes from the MKII version of the amp (which is the same but with some added fancy lights)


The amp is in excellent condition and has been serviced regularly at Hot Rox UK (Where I originally bought the amp from my friend Mark who owns the store)

The amp is in full working order with no noise/crackle/interference. the pots all roll smoothly with no noise and all switches work perfectly. 


The amp has a detachable spring reverb unit on the back of the head that is connected via audio cable and controlled by a pot on the back of the head. 


The unit contains a MIDI switching module to aid with multiple pedal and channel switching in live situations. you can run an outboard effects loop and switch this on and off whilst simultaneously switching the amp channels... 


It has recently been re-valved with a full new set of JJ Valves (All matched and tested at Hot Rox UK)

4x 6L6GC

5x 12AX7A

4x E83CC


The speaker is an original H&K Triamp 4x12 Closed back Cabinet with original speakers all in perfect working order. The amp has a metal mesh at the front to protect the speakers rather than the traditional cloth mesh... Great for touring and gigging in situation where the gear is moved around alot... No worries about tearing mesh or damaging the speakers. Incredibly solid hardy Cabinet


The footswitch that comes with the amp allows for switching of the 6 channels and the FX loop. All switches in perfect working order.


I will include a 24k gold tipped planet waves MIDI Cable and a 24K gold tipped planet waves high quality speaker cable with the amp so you dont need anything else to get you going...


If you have any questions or need any more photos please dont hesitate to contact me...



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