Ibanez / JPM100 P1 / 1995 / Black/Multi-color / Guitar For Sale

Dream Theater, John Petrucci, or 1990's Ibanez fans: You're seeing a grown man cry as I offer up my most prized instrument: This is my 1995 JPM100 P1, serial number F511328, in near-mint condition. The guitar has had less than 100 hours of play time, so there is no fret or fretboard wear, and no finish clouding below the pickups from pick strumming. It has been case-kept for the last 24 years, so the colors are just as bold as they were in '95. There are some very minor cosmetic flaws, which I've tried to highlight in the photos. The truss rod cover has some light surface scratches from string tips. The strap buttons have a small amount of surface corrosion, which seems to be a common thing on Ibanez guitars from this period. Lastly, there are two very small finish imperfections on the edge below the tone knob. You can only slightly feel them, but more importantly the finish is not broken. This guitar was purchased at a trade show in 1995 and comes with the original Ibanez M100 hard shell case it was packed in, complete with the original trade show labels from Hoshino USA still attached. The center latch on the case was busted off when I purchased it, but the other two still fasten solid. Sadly, there was not a certificate of authenticity included with this guitar when I bought it so I don't know which run it came from. I'm downsizing so I can't keep this anymore, but I want it to go to a good home. Buyer will need to pay shipping costs. Serious offers only, please.

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