Jean Pierre Favino / Jazz S / 1996 / Natural / Guitar For Sale

I'm selling this exceptionnal gypsy guitar made by the famous luthier Jean-Pierre Favino in August 1996.
This guitar was initially built for Jacques Vaney, a well-known Swiss jazz guitarist.
It is a high-end version of Jean-Pierre's Jazz S model with a wood tail piece, handmade carved by Jean-Pierre Favino (value 700€)
It has a large body (41.5cm), typical from Favino's gypsy models.
The volume and projection of this guitar are really exceptional.
It has a a georgous sound, deep and fully balanced, with a lot of bass (very often the pb with gypsy guitars), very presents mediums and warmly sparkling trebbles.
Sound definition is very precise.
I had the opportunity to play on several Favino and this one is way way above all them.
This has been confirmed over years by great guitarists who played it and few guitar makers (including JP Favino himself).

Overall, the guitar is in a excellent condition for its 24 years old.
The frets are in great condition, like new. The neck is perfectly adjusted.
The action is 3mm (E bass) 2,5mm (E treble). It could even be lowered down further.
The guitar comes with 2 bridges ("winter and summer") made by Jean-Pierre to very slighly change the height of the strings for a different playability, if desired.
I'm very respectful of beautiful instruments and so I've always kept the guitar at the right humidity rate and stored it in its case once played.

I'm selling this guitar because I moved to different style and today I'm playing exclusively a semi-hollow guitar.

Packaging wise, it will be done like luthiers do : Strings released, the guitar will be put in a strong wood hard case. This case will be sourrounded by 5 cm of polystyrene chips and then put into an heavy cardboard box. See pictures.
Shipping costs is 150€ for EU.

That said, if you prefer, you are very welcome to try and pick-up the guitar at my place!

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